Cross-cultural comparison of compulsive stealing (kleptomania)

TO THE EDITOR: According to DSM-5, kleptomania is an oftendisabling disorder characterized by repetitive stealing behavior precipitated by significant and uncontrollable urges to steal items that are not needed and could be easily afforded by the individual. Kleptomania is associated with significant psychosocial and legal consequences1 and with elevated rates of suicidal ideation and attempts.2 Despite significant personal and social consequences of kleptomania, little attention is paid to the disorder. During development of DSM-5, kleptomania was not assigned to any work group and therefore the diagnostic criteria were left unchanged with accompanying text that underwent little, if any, revision. Although most conditions in DSM-5 received new text regarding cultural aspects of the disorder, no such information was provided for kleptomania despite international research on the disorder…

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