The Goals of the AACP


The Goal of the Academy is the Advancement of the Medical Specialty of Psychiatry

  1. Providing scientific material useful in the clinical practice of psychiatry through the annual meeting and publications.
  2. Assisting the practice of psychiatry now and in the future through liaisons among the members, other professional organizations and informational systems.
  3. Strengthening the image of psychiatry as a medical specialty that is guided by scientific principles and collaboration with other medical disciplines.
  4. Collecting and organizing the data available from clinical practice for publication and distribution.
  5. Collaborating with other professional organizations to promote cooperation and understanding of our common interests.
  6. Encouraging the participation of psychiatrists in training and early career psychiatrists in our academy.
  7. Providing forums for interaction and discussion between the members and other interested parties to facilitate an unbiased exchange of information and opinion.
  8. Focusing on the traditions of our academy in understanding the classification and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, their influence on the person as a whole and the outcomes achieved by clinical intervention.
Our Mission