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New partnership aims to revitalize Annals of Clinical Psychiatry and better serve your clinical needs

Donald W. Black, MD


As Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, I am pleased to announce that Dowden Health Media (DHM) is our new publisher. The journal’s sponsoring organization, the American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists (AACP), recently joined forces with DHM to publish Annals and cosponsor the AACP’s annual educational meeting. Additionally, DHM is redesigning the AACP’s website at to better serve members’ needs.

DHM—a healthcare communication company in business since 1988—is well-known in the psychiatric field through its journal, Current Psychiatry, edited by former AACP president Henry A. Nasrallah, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati. Although Annals has thrived since its launch in 1989, conducting national meetings and publishing a peer-reviewed journal are complex tasks that require considerable expertise. Our association with DHM provides an exciting opportunity to revitalize both Annals and the AACP.

The first jointly sponsored AACP educational meeting will be held April 2 to 4, 2009, in Chicago. The theme of this clinically valuable session is “Bipolar disorder and ADHD: Solving clinical challenges, improving patient care.” Topics among the 18 presentations include the diagnosis and management of bipolar II disorder and diagnosing ADHD in adults. The faculty is outstanding, and attendees can receive up to 18.5 CME credits. For registration information, see the insert after page 16 of this issue.

I have been editor-in-chief of Annals since 2004 and have worked hard to increase the journal’s visibility and expand its readership. I am honored to edit a journal for an organization founded by my mentor, George Winokur, MD. Our mission, as set forth by founding editor Charles Rich, MD, remains as it has been from the beginning. As stated on the journal’s masthead, Annals “provides an international forum on the diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of psychiatric disorders…(and) publishes original research, timely reviews, case reports, letters, and book reviews, emphasizing practical knowledge that informs patient care.”

The AACP was organized in part to bring together researchers and clinicians for their mutual benefit. Dr. Winokur was clear that research and good clinical care are intertwined and must coexist. I remain committed to ensuring that Annals remains editorially independent. To that end, all authors are now required to disclose any financial relationships that could pose a conflict of interest.

Annals recently transitioned to an online manuscript submission and peer-review system. This system, at, has boosted submissions and facilitated the peer-review process.

I wish to thank all Annals Editorial Board members. These individuals are the heart and soul of Annals, and they perform most of the peer reviews. Special thanks go to deputy editor Sanjay Gupta, MD, and book editor Richard Balon, MD. Dr. Gupta has been instrumental in suggesting potential authors and subjects for special issues of Annals, and Dr. Balon has done a superb job in organizing and assigning book reviews—and doing many himself.

I invite readers to contact me at with their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on ways to further improve Annals.