George Winokur Clinical Research Paper Award

The AACP established its Clinical Research Award in 1979, which is presented to the author of the best original research paper published in Annals of Clinical Psychiatry during the previous calendar year. The Award is presented at the AACP annual meeting and includes a cash prize, engraved award, complimentary one-year membership to the AACP, plus travel and accommodations to attend the annual meeting. The AACP’s Research Award Committee is responsible for making the selection.

2016 George Winokur Clinical Research Award

Mark Zimmerman, M.D.

The American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists 2016 George Winokur Research Award has been awarded to Mark Zimmerman, M.D., for research that was published in 2014 in the November issue of Annals of Clinical Psychiatry. Dr. Zimmerman will be presented the award at the AACP Annual Conference in Chicago, March 11, 2016. (for further conference information, go to

Dr. Zimmerman’s research article is titled “A brief, clinically useful, clinician-rated dimensional rating system for psychiatric diagnoses: Reliability and validity in psychiatric outpatients,” Annals of Clinical Psychiatry/Vol. 26 No 4/November 2014.

The focus of Dr. Zimmerman’s research was the integration of research into clinical practice in order to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, which faces multiple obstacles, one of which is the burden of completing research measures of outcome. A simple, reliable, and valid measure that could be rated at every visit, incorporated into a clinician’s progress note, and reflect the DSM definitions of psychiatric disorders would enhance the ability to evaluate the outcome of psychiatric treatment in the “real world.” Several years ago Dr. Zimmerman’s clinical research group described the development of the Standardized Clinical Outcome Rating for Depression (SCOR-D), a brief clinician-rated, single-item dimensional rating of depression severity that was tied to the DSM definition of a major depressive episode. The goal of that effort was to develop a reliable and valid clinician-rated measure that could be incorporated into routine clinical practice without adding undue burden to the treating clinician. They subsequently developed SCORs for the other common psychiatric disorders, and in a study of over 1,500 psychiatric outpatients found that the SCORs were reliable and valid measures of mood, anxiety, substance use, psychotic, and eating disorders.

Dr. Zimmerman, MD, is the Director of Outpatient Psychiatry at Rhode Island Hospital and director of the Rhode Island Methods to Improve Diagnostic Assessment and Services (MIDAS) project. The goal of the MIDAS project has been to integrate research methodology into routine clinical practice in order to examine a number of issues related to diagnostic comorbidity and treatment outcome. Dr. Zimmerman has conducted research in psychiatry for more than a two decades resulting in more than 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Much of Dr. Zimmerman’s research has been in the area of assessment and diagnosis. While a research assistant at the University of Iowa, Dr. Zimmerman developed a self-report questionnaire to diagnose DSM-III major depressive disorder, and was one of the authors of the first semi-structured interview to assess the DSM-III personality disorders. Through his academic career he has continued his interest in scale development.

Dr. Zimmerman is also a Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, and Course Director of Weekly Journal Club, Brown University, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. He resides with his family in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

The AACP established its Clinical Research Award in 1979. Original unpublished papers were solicited in Annals of Clinical Psychiatry. In 1992, the format was changed to include all original research papers published in Annals of Clinical Psychiatry.

Winners are selected annually from original research published during the calendar year. The Awards are given at the next Academy conference and include a cash prize, engraved award, complimentary one year membership in AACP plus travel and accommodations to attend the conference. Judging is conducted by the Academy’s Research Award Committee and all decisions are final.

Winokur Research Award Committee Chairperson

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Winokur Award Committee

Carol North, MD, Chair
Richard Balon, MD, Wayne State University
James Wilcox, MD, Tucson VAMC
Barbara Rohland, MD, Mayo Clinic

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