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Books Received

The following books have been received or otherwise obtained and will be reviewed by selected individuals, the courtesy of the sender is acknowledged by this listing.

Medical management of eating disorders. Second edition. By C. Laird Birmingham and Janet Treasure. New York, NY; Cambridge University Press; 2010; pp 264; $69 (paperback).

Kaplan and Sadock’s pocket handbook of clinical psychiatry. By Benjamin J. Sadock and Virginia A. Sadock. Philadelphia, PA; Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2010; pp 566; $59.95 (paperback).

Psychiatry. Second edition. By Janis L. Cutler and Eric R. Marcus. New York, NY; Oxford University Press; 2010; pp 636; $47.95 (paperback).

Get the diagnosis right. Assessment and treatment selection of mental disorders. By Jerome S. Blackman. New York, NY; Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group); 2010; pp 326; $44.96 (paperback).

Secondary schizophrenia. Edited by Perminder S. Sachdev and Matcheri S. Keshavan. New York, NY; Cambridge University Press; 2010; pp 436; $120 (hardcover).

Personal recovery and mental illness. A guide for mental health professionals. By Mike Slade. New York, NY; Cambridge University Press; 2009; pp 275; $63 (paperback).